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Everyone wonders about where their ancestors came from, what they went through and what they did. Tracing your family roots can take time, something many people may not have. Whether you are just beginning to search your ancestry, needs some help overcoming a “brick wall” or have run out of sources to check, we can help you. 

 With some simple background information from you, History Uncovered will trace your family’s history and present it to you in a detailed yet easily understood format. We will provide a Questionnaire Kit that lays the groundwork for our research. You simply fill in as much information about your family that you can, and we take it from there. After our research is complete, we send out a ribbon tied, wax sealed Final Kit with all the information collected. 

It is impossible to guarantee what one will find during research. Examples of documents that have been uncovered: Census records, birth records, death certificates, pictures, wills, muster rolls, military pension records, draft cards, land titles, even contemporary accounts of people’s lives. Sometimes you find a treasure trove of documents, pictures and stories, other times you can be hard pressed to find a single entry, but included in you final kit are: 


Rates are currently $20/hour, plus GST and PST.  There is a minimum of 5 hours research time required for all new projects.   

Recommended hours:       5 hours - If you are looking to find information and trace one branch of your family
8 hours - If you are looking to find information on two branches of your family
10-15 hours - If you would like a more in depth investigation, including searching for information on each individual using multiple sources

If you would like more information, or if you would like to start uncovering your family's history and would like to request a Questionnaire Kit be sent to you, please send an email to lmckinnon@historyuncovered.ca


Questionnaire Kit
Itemized documents from a Final Kit


This page is currently under construction with more information coming soon.

 If you have any questions, please email them to  lmckinnon@historyuncovered.ca